Anonymous asked:

how do I love myself exactly?

mindofataurus answered:

Well, you can love yourself by forgiving yourself for falsely telling yourself you’re anything but worthy, perfect, whole and complete.  Forgive yourself for any negative self-talk.  Forgive yourself for not recognizing how beautiful and divine you are, naturally.  Forgive yourself for not honoring your temple and not honoring your worth. Speak the language of love.  Love yourself by putting YOU first.  Love yourself by honoring yourself enough to get rid of negative people who don’t want you to be who you are.  Love yourself by spending time doing the things you love.  Love yourself by doing the work that needs to be done.  Love yourself by believing in yourself.  Love yourself by ACCEPTING yourself. Love yourself by giving yourself peace of mind.  Love yourself by living in the present moment.  Love yourself by treating yourself to hot bubble baths.  Love yourself by smiling wider, laughing harder and living freely.  

Start now.  I support you.  

Watch this video for inspiration <3

Self love

Self-hate, self-destruction, low self-esteem, depression, whatever the label, is just another mindset to separate us from our spiritual essence. How can you cultivate love in a field of self-hate? You can’t give what you don’t have and you can’t have what you don’t feel. If you are taught you are deficient, deprived and disabled, you cannot perceive the abundance, benevolence, or competence that encompasses you. God makes no mistakes. Each day in every way we can choose to get better and stronger. We can choose to pursue our goal of spiritual mindedness.
W.T. Watts (via mindofataurus)


1. Experiment to see what makes you happy.
2. Hang out with people who are happy and upbeat – as other people affect the way we feel.
3. Make a list of your blessings – don’t focus on “what’s wrong”.
4. Cultivate an attitude of thankfulness. Add to your list several times a day.
5. Focus on…

Recipe for happiness